Penang Mutiara The garden of Eden happi Essay

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Mutiara Beach Resort Penang heralds a n ew standard for Asian resort hotels. Loca ted on a prime beachfront at Teluk Baha ng, otherwise known as the 'glowing bay'
, it nestles in 7.3 hectares (18 acres) of l andscaped tropical greenery. All 438 of it s spacious rooms enjoy sea and garden v iews. Here in this paradise of comfort an d luxury, it has been claimed that nothin g is unusual.

How does Penang Mutiara run thei r operation management ?

1. In the face of business competition

- Good service

- Identify new operation strategies.

- Identify areas in operation.

- Describe how quality speed. Dependability, fle xibility and cost on the hotel external customer s and its benefits internally

2. Strategy changes in some conditions.
- Implement and develop long-term strat egies and compete with other premier h otel. 

- Develop internal strategies to ensure q uality of service and low cost of operatio

- Establish a long-term relationship to its new and old customers.

3. Develop the long-term strategy of the hotel.

- Upgrade technology( such as wireless internet website, traffic map, booking online and e-pay ment) 

- Develop marketing strategies.

- Continue improvement internally by developin g total quality management and ISO Standards.

- Adding advertisement through TV, Internet,