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Pendragon: The7366002222500 Never War
I’ve always wanted to travel back in time, in the days that no one depended on technology. I want to see how my grandparents and parents lived and why they always complain about my siblings and me spending too much time watching TV or playing video games. Bobby Pendragon, in his third adventure as a traveler, gets the opportunity to save New York City. Compared to his other adventures, you may think, “Big deal, what’s so different about New York City?” Well, to be exact, he holds the opportunity to save New York City in 1937.

In D.J. MacHale’s book, Pendragon: The Never War, a fantasy book, I met the main character of the book. Bobby Pendragon as well as the other supporting characters of the story.
Robert "Bobby" Pendragon is the main character of the story who turns fifteen in this book and is the Traveler from Second Earth. He goes to First Earth after his victory over Saint Dane on Cloral (A distant planet from Earth). Bobby is from a small town in Connecticut called Stony Brook, and one night just before he was going to the district basketball game, his Uncle Press came to his house. From there he took Bobby to become a Traveler and his life was forever changed. There is very little description of Bobby, but I perceive him as short—about 5’6”, dark medium length hair, hazel eyes, handsome features, very competitive, and athletic. Vo Spader is the Traveler from Cloral, as well as Bobby's friend and ally. However, his hatred for Saint Dane almost results in a victory for Saint Dane in First Earth. Saint Dane is the story's antagonist. A six-half foot-tall demon shapeshifter, he takes the form of quite a few people, including a spy, Max Rose's girlfriend Esther Amaden, and most likely a raven. Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke is the Traveler from First Earth. He is the bell captain of the Manhattan Tower Hotel. This book is where the first encounter with Gunny occurred. He is the reason that First Earth was saved, by holding back Bobby when he tried to kick over the rocket. Gunny got his name because he simply couldn't fire a gun, no matter how hard he tried. Maximillian Rose is a ruthless gangster who operates a spy ring out of the Manhattan Tower Hotel. Among his many criminal enterprises, he sells government secrets to the highest bidder, whether friend or foe. He supposedly dies trying to save all of his money, in the form of diamonds and valuable art, that were aboard the Hindenburg. Nancy "Jinx" Olsen is a pilot for the Coast Guard who longs for adventure and finds it when Bobby asks her to fly to where the Hindenburg will be docking. Jinx's dream is flight, but the misogynistic Coast Guard has made her their poster girl, who simply goes around to conferences and talks to people about being a pilot. When Bobby says he must reach the Hindenburg's docking site, she has been grounded from flying by the Coast Guard, but she sees how important it is for Bobby, and does it anyway.
Winn Farrow is the nemesis of Max Rose who would stop at nothing to destroy Rose and his criminal empire. He hates Max because Max has become wealthy, whereas Winn's own, more reckless actions made him resort to living in an abandoned slaughterhouse in the Meatpacking District of New York and hiring gangsters to do his bidding. He is ultimately responsible for the blowing up of the LZ-129 (Hindenburg), for which he used a rocket.
The main conflict of the story is a Man vs. Nature conflict which involves Saint Dane attempting to change all three of the Earth territories’ histories around and destroying them all in one. It would be killing three birds with one stone, so to speak. If the payment would have arrived to Max Rose, the spying would have continued and the Nazis gained a terrible power. They would have used this power to bomb all major cities of the world to conquer the world. This conflict is avoided by Gunny allowing the Hindenburg to crash. ““Was this