Essay on Pension: Retirement and Older Generation

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Dissolving our Gold

Tired, over-worked and stressed. Mr Tamely is 68 years old; he can hear the dramatic screams and increasing laughter from his class. He sighs. Two more years he thinks to himself. Slowly, walking into his monstrous class; he tries to get the pack of wild to teenagers to stop. But who would listen to someone as old him. Quickly and painfully, he sits down in his chair, the constant pain caused by his arthritis. He can’t even get up to help the students at times. Their grades are suffering. How is it even possible of them to learn, all because he can’t retire.
Can you visualise a 70 year old teacher?
Can you visualise a 70 year old police man?
Imagine being forced to work even if you’re not capable of working?
Sadly, this is what the future holds if the proposal to reform the pension age succeeds. Alan Pickering believes we should bring back an out-dated scheme that was introduced in the 1908. This is totally unacceptable and will have grave consequences. In the 1908 there were no high demanding and stressful jobs, these jobs such as teaching, nursing and policing requires people who are fit, well and able. As we know with age, our health deteriorates and we get more health issues. For example loss of hearing, diminished eyesight and even memory loss such as Alzheimer’s which is commonly found in old age. These high stressful jobs will add to these already dangerous illnesses. This proposal is digging the graves for the older generation.
Also ageism is a strong issue and still strongly exists in today society. On average 43% of people believe they are discriminated based on their age. How does the government expect the older generation to get work? Did you know that on average 25 – 27% of the unemployed people of Briton are 16 to 24 year olds? This increasingly worrying rate will double if we continue to raise the pension age, making it younger for our youths to get a foot on the ladder. How will the younger generation get jobs if people retire later? In addition, I strongly believe that more should be done to get 16 – 24 years old job as they are the ones that will pay for our pension of the older generation. Currently an illogical £4.7bn a year is spent on youth unemployment; this is total waste of government money. A devastating fact is that youth unemployment can have a negative impact on the mental health of young people and that it is a risk factor in suicide and attempted suicide, also 48% of individuals suffered insomnia, depression and panic attacks due to being unemployed. Consequently, students are now looking for jobs over sea and 36% are considering moving. How will pay for the pension if they move?
Fatuously the government has not thought of the consequence of the increasing amount of over 60’s going to work. The cost of free travel for the over 60 is going to rise dramatically , it already it costs on average of 1 billion pounds a year, just imagine how