Pentecostal Viewpoint Essay

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By the Waters of Babylon Test Wednesday-
-what are the circumstances at the beginning of the story the waters of babylon?
-The priest and son are getting metal
They are very supersticious and believe in magic.
John is the priests son
Why is he taking this trip? to become a priest coming of age
What is obscurintisim in this story? to hide something. The ones in power in johns society are obsurentists because they don't want him to find anything
John goes to find out what is really real
He has issues with there magic and wants go go east which is forbidden
Always people that think things can be differenet and better.
Says dream might eat you up.. WHat does that mean?
It might kill you because it will be more then you can handle.
Several generations after great burning.
Obsurinitsm- person who opposes change and human progress( COVERS TRUTH AND OPPOSES ENGLIGHTENMENT) isolate them because they fear change and contact with unknown.
John looked over forbidden part
What was his trip called in broad terms?
Coming of Age
How long does his travel take?
8 days
What does he look for?
SIgn #1 Eagle flying east
Sign #2 4 deer and one was white fawn, at tack by panther
Killed panther with one arrow
8 days and got to edge of river
-he prayed and afraid gods and demons would see him then built a raft as floating down river what is he holding on to in himself. magic (river is full of magic)
Raft flipped and swam to shore
First thing he noticed was ground wasn't burning, taught it was dangerous because ground was burning what is an anomoly that he notices?
-he doesn't detect smell of men (no humans) but there are butterflies and dogs and flowers and grass are growing. he notices life.
First big building- grand central station
Finds food and drink (alcohol) drink wakes up sees dogs and goes to hotel Biltmore sees an