People: Abraham Lincoln and Nick Vujicic Essay

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In our daily life, we have many people who never give up because of difficulties or disadvantaged life. They try hard to overcome difficulties and be success after all. There is a folk tale called “the rabbit and the turtle “. It was begun with one day, the rabbit was boasting his speed, and he was laughing at the turtle because the turtle was so slow. The turtle challenged him to a race and the rabbit thought this was a joke. As the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead of the turtle, when the rabbit got to the halfway point. He decided to take a short nap. When the rabbit took a short nap, the turtle kept walking. He never quit no matter how hot or tired he got. He just kept going. He won and waited before the rabbit went to finish line. Throughout the story, we have acknowledged a lesson about the result of persistence. There are famous people throughout history who made significant changes in their own life by getting over all the obstacles. Almost everyone know President Abraham Lincoln, he was the 16th President of the United Stage- one of the most famous President in the world. Abraham Lincoln had lived in poor family and his mother passed away when he was only nine. It was really a hard time for Lincoln and his struggling farm family. Lincoln really liked study but he only had one year to go to school. Event he couldn’t go to school after that because of the family circumstances but he wasn’t discouraged. He spent a lot of time in self-studying. He really liked reading books that he used too much time to read that neighbors thought he read book to avoid heavy works. In that time, books were very rare and precious. Lincoln had to walk for a long distance in order to borrow books but his love for learning was so great that he could overcome all this difficulties. All his knowledge came from books he read like the Bible, biographies, and literary books. With his love for studying and reading, Lincoln became a great lawyer. Does not give up before difficulties with achievement of working hard, Lincoln became one of the greatest Presidents in the world now. Lincoln is always a typical example for us to learn about perseverance. A man who his speeches motivate energize the world, he is the typically the result of persistence. His name is Nick Vujicic. Imagine if you did not have arms or legs, how difficult would your life would be. When Nick was born, he didn’t have both arms and legs, this is the worst pain. Throughout his childhood, Nick couldn’t go to school normal like other children. He always had to deal with the challenges of school, included bullying and self-esteem issues from other students. Also, Nick had struggled with loneliness and depression as he always questioned why he was born with no arm or leg. He couldn’t remove this question out of his mind. After a lot of disappointment and suffered discrimination from other students, Nick had tried to suicide many times; like when he was 10, he tied to drown himself but his parent’s love helps him not to do this. The most important turning point in his life was when his mother showed him a newspaper about one man who fights with a severe disability. Nick realized he wasn't the only one who has struggle and began to through over his disability. After that, Nick began to control the daily tasks of life by his self. He learned to use a computer to study, play sports; he tried to do everything like a normal person. In the first time, all works were really difficult but Nick did not give up, he always believes that everything is created by God for a reason and he want to tradition the hope to everyone, especially people with disabilities. Through many difficulties, Nick has