People Are Addicted To Facebook Because It Is A Social Network Essay

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People are addicted to Facebook because it is a social network, and can interact with anything or anyone all over the world. You can keep in touch. You can play all sorts of games. For some people it also reduces loneliness. Having Facebook makes you feel like you are well informed about everything all over the world. Facebook gives you the chance to keep in touch. You can keep in touch with your family and friends. With just a single update on your status, you friends and family are informed of your well being. Rather than drifting apart, Facebook truly does make it easier to stay connected to those we care about. Reading all the information of your friends and family gives you minimal effort as well to know how they are doing. You can play all sorts of games. Games are so addicting on Facebook, that some people use them for escapism. They sometimes replace your reality such cafe world or Sims. Having to be so addicted sometimes people use their games become real life. All of these games that Facebook provides give you the pleasure of experiencing new things. Facebook reduces loneliness. Feeling alone is something that many people experience from time to time. When we have not had enough social contact with others, feeling lonely is normal. When used in moderation, interacting with others on Facebook can provide quick relief from loneliness and there is nothing wrong with it. In some situations, spending more time on Facebook in an attempt to reduce the