People: Heart and Stringy Elastic Collagen Essay

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1 On people I learned about the heart on the heart we learned about the veins, Arteries, red and white blood cells and also about the pulse. One thing I learned is that is that Another word for red is erythrocytes and white cells are called leucocytes 2 The second thing I learned about is the lungs. On the lungs we learned about the airways, air sacs, air to blood, blood to air. One thing that I learned is that blood cells would quickly die if we don’t have oxygen and I mean really fast like in three seconds. 3 The third thing that learned in my non-fiction book is on the muscle. On the muscles we learned about Muscle pairs, Muscle fibers, Myofibrils. One thing I learned on the muscles is that if we didn’t have any we would slump like a rag doll.
4 The fourth thing was on bones the things that I learned was about the moving joints, spinal joints, and also the knee joints. One thing that I learned about these is that bones are very tough and light because they are made with calcium and stringy elastic collagen.
5 The fifth thing that I learned in my book is about the senses which are hear-ears, smell-nose, taste-tongue, touch-skin, and sight-eyes. Something that was really interesting was how the tongue has bitter at the end of the tongue sour is in the middle salty is a little bit in front of sour and sweet all the way in the front of the tongue it was very interesting.
6 the sixth thing that I learned in my book was about the nerves and brain. I learned the parts of the brain, brain damage, center of the brain, and the cerebrum. What was really interesting to me on this part in the book is all the nerves how they are all like connected in someway.
7 the seventh thing that I learned was on the food and waste. I learned on how the food and waste cleanses the body that was very interesting the thing that I learned that I didn’t know…