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Advertising Paper People magazine is a weekly magazine published by Time Inc. that focuses on celebrity and human interest news. People magazine has the largest American magazine audience with 42 million adults. The magazine had the highest advertising revenue of any other American magazine in 2011 with revenue of $997 million. Advertising is one of the many reasons this company is so successful. Some of the decisions that a company makes when deciding who to target are based on demographic and psychographic segmentation (AARP Shows Largest Growth in Readership).
The demographic segmentation which divides the market into sections based on age, gender, family, occupation, income, generation and nationality is very important when choosing the target audience (Armstrong, 177). These factors will help you to determine what to market and who to market the product to. People magazine target range for age is between the ages 18-49, which are 67.2% of the magazines audience. The median age is 42.2 and 70% of the audience is women. Also 63.2% of the women are working women. The median household income of the audience is $69,114 and 63.3% also has attended or graduated college. Demographic factors often help you figure out what some of the psychographic segmentation factors (Time Inc., 2012).
Psychographic segmentation divides the market into sections based on social class, lifestyle, and personality (Armstrong, 177). For example, knowing that the median household income is $69,114 tells you that you should target the middle class. Also knowing that 63.3% of the audience attended or graduated college tells you what type of personality and lifestyle your target audience is living. Companies use this information to decide which products to advertise in this magazine. Some of the products that I would advertise in this magazine would include lingerie, cell phones, and weight loss programs. One of the lingerie products that I would advertise to in this magazine is Victoria Secret products. The reason that I would advertise this product is because 70% of the audience is women and the primary age range is between 18 and 49 years old. This age range is important because this is primary that age group that purchases Victoria Secret products. Another product that I would advertise in this magazine is cell phone products such as the Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III, and Blackberry phones. The reason that I would advertise this product is because 63.3% have attended college or graduated. Many businessmen and women use