People Pleasers In A Doll's House

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Kaitlyn Fox
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10 April 2014 There are "people pleasers" in the world that will do anything to fit in. They do this to conform with their everyday lives. These people question themselves internally why they make the decisions that they do, to help them find meaning in their life. Nora in A Doll's House, struggles with discovering why she still continues her daily life that she no longer wants and how she questions herself upon these struggles. Her discoveries help lead to the meaning of the book which is to be yourself and to know what you want in life. An example of one of Nora's struggles was her relationship with her children. She didn't have the typical mother-child relationship that mother's are supposed to have with their children. Nora was more of a friend toward them, always laughing and having fun and not fulfilling the caretaking part of being a parent.To herself she would question if she was an adequate mother and if she should stick around and be with them. She knew that the nanny took a lot better care of them than she did. Nora would also think if it was right to leave the children, or if they would be better off without her. To the outside world she was a fit and loving mother, but she doubted herself internally. Nora ends up leaving because she believes that's best for her and the children. She wanted to find out what she really wanted in life. A second example of Nora's struggles was her marriage to Torvald. She was somewhat happy with her marriage. She received money from Torvald, but had to be wise and spend some of it on a secret that she hid from Torvald. Towards the end she questions herself, if she even loves Torvald anymore, even though she most certainly shows on the outside that she does. Often times in the real world when someone asks questions like that they leave their significant other to start a better part of their life. In this