Essay People: Time and Child Care Provider

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“After having children, life becomes about living beyond yourself; about being bigger and better.” Jaclyn
I think this quote sums up parenthood perfectly. After having my children, there have been a few times in particular I have had to go beyond myself, put my kids first, and set a good example. I have had to jump walls pregnant, give up my relaxation time to make sure they were able to experience extracurricular activities and put off my education to insure they were taken care of by a parent versus a child care provider.
After having children, I realized that I have special abilities to do things beyond what I ever thought possible. A few years back I was living in Las Vegas and pregnant with my third child. My husband and I had a routine in which we utilized every day. We had one vehicle at the time and he drove it to work. I would walk our son to school every day and he would pick him up on his way home. In Las Vegas they have big apartment complexes, the size of two football fields. I would walk all the way to the back of one of them to get to a gate, which the school had opened, for people to walk their children on to the grounds. It was my shortcut and saved me a half an hour worth of walking. One day my husband lost track of time at work and forgot to pick up our son. The school called to inform me of this situation and told me I had thirty minutes to get there and pick him up. I threw my two year old son in his stroller and off we went. I power walked nine months pregnant, in ninety degree weather. I took my usual short cut but there was a problem this time. When I got to the back of the gate, it was locked. I had two options; I could walk back out of the complex which could take forty-five minutes, or jump a six foot wall. This is when I went beyond myself, and my supermom powers kicked in. I took my two year old out of his stroller, threw the stroller over the wall, put him through the gates bars, and then I climbed up the gate to hop the wall, big belly and all. When it comes to your kids, you do what you have to do. As for my husband he never heard the end of that one. There was another time I had to put my child’s needs before my own. My son wanted to play football one year and I knew this would be a hard commitment for me, because I already had so many obligations. This sport demanded a lot of my time. I