People Vs. Demetrulias Case

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In the Supreme court case, People v. Demetrulias (2006) explains that Gregory S. Demetrulias was convicted and sentenced to death row for the robbery and murder of Robert Miller. In 1989, Miller age 56 decided to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant around 6:45 p.m. taking his time to enjoy his meal. Demetrulias age 35 at the time resided in his parents’ home. His mother agreed to drive his son to bar. The bar was located nearby Miller’s apartment complex, which Demetrulias arrived around 7:30 p.m. Although Demetrulias ordered one beer, he was aggressive disturbing the peace by slamming his beverage container on the countertop, which the bartender kick him out of the establishment. Demetrulias left the bar without causing a scene because he knew