People's Republic of China Essay

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Name: Sami Alshehabi
Topic: China
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, my audience will be more knowledgeable about the history and culture of china.
I. Introduction
A. Generally when we thing of china the first thing that comes to mind is dragons, the great wall, and of course Jackie Chan! However there is so much more to this country then we believe.
B. I will tell you about the many things I have discovered about this amazing country that many seem to overlook including myself.
C. After much research on china I have discovered I have been looking at this fascinating country the wrong way, and I will share my knowledge with you today.
D. First I will spend some time telling you about the history of china and some interesting facts about it. Next I will talk to you about the culture found in China, and finally I will cover what it’s like to visit China today.
Let’s start with some history and background information about this country.
II. Body
A. China is a big country nearly as large as the United States, however don’t let its size full you. China’s inhabitants have as much as four times that of the United States. It is very densely populated.
1. Geographically china is the fourth largest country in the world with a population of over 1.3 billion
a) According to culture grams history section the Chinese have one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations, spanning some four thousand years. China has long been ruled by dynasties. The first Chinese dynasty was the Xia Dynasty, established around 2000 BC.
b) China’s large economy is offset by its population, meaning the real gross domestic product per capita is at the level of a developing country.
2. The Chinese government has a simple structure.
a) The president of China otherwise known as head of state Xi Jinping is formally elected by about 3000 members of the National People's Congress.
Not that you know a little about china I can tell you a little about the culture of this country.
2. If you are interested about visiting china here is some information you might want to know.
1. Standard Chinese, or Mandarin, is based on the Beijing dialect and is the national language.
a) It is taught in schools, so most Chinese can read, write, and speak Mandarin.
2. The Chinese are well known for their music and dance festivals.
a) They have a strong sense of fashion, and they also have a background of martial arts being one of the birthplaces of the first forms of martial arts.
b) The Chinese nod politely or bow slightly when greeting. A handshake is also acceptable, especially in formal situations or to show respect.
c) The current exchange rate from US Dollars to the Chinese Yuan is 6.14 yuan for every 1 USD.
d) For example a bottle of water here might cost $1 but if paying with Chinese currency it would cost you around 6 yuan.
e) However don’t let that confuse the cost of living in china is much cheaper than it is here. Realistically a bottle of water there would cost you approximately 33 cents.

That’s a small taste of Chinese culture should you ever