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People v. Lee compare/contrast to Minnesota v. Dickerson

In the case "People v. Lee", Lee was charged with the possesion of herion, he was on the corner in Oakland, Ca soliciting to random people walking by. He then attempted to sale herion to a lady passing by who later gave this information to the authorites. When the police heard about it they immediately responded to it. As they pulled up his accomplises warned him that the police where near by. Lee then started to walk away and before the officer started to give him any kind of command he started reaching in his pocket and the officer then stopped and detained him. As he was doing a pat down he felt something clumping that he assumed was herion. Lee was then arrested for possesion of herion, the officer then pulled out 2 more clear bags of drugs.

In the cas Minnesota v. Dickerson, Dickerson was seen leaving a building known for drug traffic. A police officer observed him leaving and the conducted a pat down and detained Dickerson, During his pat down the officer felt a lump of cocaine in
Dickerson's coat pocket and was pretty positive he felt cocaine. He was later convicted of possession of a controlled substance. But the case was later reversed by the supreme court because the seizure of the cocaine was found to be unconstitutional.

These cases are both similar and many ways, both officers while conducting pat downs, used their own…