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Name____________________ Teacher: Mr Lynn

Knutsford Academy

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Sport_____________________________ Candidate no_________________________

About Myself and my aims of this training programme
You need to make the following as relevant as you can to your situation/sport
My name is Jaden Redwood and I am 15years and 1day old. I am 73kg in weight and 6ft/1. 83 in height. I am planning a __6_ week training programme to improve some aspects of my fitness. I have chosen to improve _muscular endurance, stamina, balance and agility____(or speed, strength, stamina, suppleness, or skill) in my chosen sport of football. I play____4____(so many times a week) for my club __Fletcher Moss and Macclesfield District___. My team is in the __Timperley and District and Greater Manchester league_____league and we have been successful the last few years winning __the league cup, Division 2 league_____(talk about your team/ activity/ dancing etc and its brief recent history).

I want to improve my___agility___because I want to be better at turning with speed_____. I often find I am not at my best during games and so improving my___speed___ would help me contribute more to my team. ( may need to change if not games )

My current fitness levels are___good___ and I would rate myself as 7___ out of 10 in terms of how fit I think I am. My resting heart rate is___67___ and this is normal/high/low for my age. My body type is ecto/meso/endomorph and this is described as___ectomorth____(make some notes from your text book).

I will use mainly circuit and continuous training methods in order to achieve my fitness goals .I will be conducting my training (on a school field/football pitch/pool/track/gym/sports hall/tennis court) and I will be using the following equipment______(balls/bats/racquets/boots/trainers/stopwatches/clipboards, steps/benches/wobble boards/mats etc.)

-The principle of individual needs means matching my training programme to my own individual requirements.
First I need to know
My current fitness level (fitness tests)
What I hope to achieve (SMART goals )
My results from the PARQ
Which aspects of fitness are more important in my activity
Assessing my fitness levels
PAR Q (Personal Activity Readiness Questionnaire)
Before I take part in an Exercise Programme I will have a look at the following questions. If I answer yes to some of these questions then I will seek medical advice from a doctor about what physical activity I can do.
1. Have you or a member of your close family had any medical conditions e.g. a heart condition or respiratory condition? / NO
2. Do you experience chest pains? / NO
3. Do you have any ongoing injuries? / NO
4. Do you have or have you had high or low blood pressure? / NO
5. Do you have increased or high cholesterol? / NO
6. Have you recently had surgery, for example in the last 12 months? / NO
7. Do you have diabetes? / NO
8. Do you smoke? / NO
9. Do you have asthma? / NO
10. Have you a cold or flu or a virus in the last 4 weeks? / NO
11. Is there any other reason why you should not do physical activity? / NO
12. Do you have difficulty with regular exercise? / NO
13. Do you have a muscle or joint disorder? / NO
If I have any medical conditions to consider then I will make a few notes below about what adaptations I am going to make to my Personal Exercise Programme.

Tick the statement(s) that best describe(s) how active I am
I have never been active in sports or exercise
I used to play sports and take exercise but not now
I am quite active as I play but do not train
I take aerobics (CV) exercise regularly
I lift weights regularly
Use the mnemonic to set yourself goals for you PEP
Specific - improve cardio vascular fitness for a 5km run, I aim to beat my time by 1minutes
Measurable - run 5 km once a week and try to improve my time by