Peppercorn Dinning Casestudy Essay

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From studying the whole case, looks like issues are primarily concentrated on group level.
INPUT: Organization design is clearly the major input to group design. It consists of the design components characterizing the larger organization within which the group is embedded.
Below is the mission statement and All-American dining organization’s goals and polices, which are the fundamentals of peppercorn dining.

Though All American Dining encourage participatory decentralized management style, it seem like organization is highly centralized. However worker at unit level are interested in making their own decision. It also looks like there seems to be a lack of communication between
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There are student coordinator, student manager and student supervisors. The student manager oversees student supervisors as well as the student workers. The student supervisors are responsible for daily operations. There are also temporary fulltime workers who trained by the professional managers but report to student supervisors.
At Peppercorn seem like their employees are loyal and have been working for a while. Employees have lots of conflict and dissatisfaction with their current situation in peppercorn but still they like to stay and work in peppercorn though their morals are getting low.
Goal Clarity: The groups’ goal seems relatively clear. Every one in each group knows his/her own individual goal and task clearly. Most of them know what they are doing and enjoy doing their designated task. They also have some sense of personal responsibility and they are willing to help each other out. Most of them are loyal and engaged to serve peppercorn dinning. They all share common goal to have good productivity and make peppercorn a decent experience for their customer and make it a fun place to work with.
Group’s task structure and team functioning in the group: Although Peppercorn dinning is highly stratified, operations still seem to run smoothly and the workers appear to be loyal indicates that personality conflict and role ambiguity are symptoms of a larger problem. I see that there is huge conflict between