Peppermint Crush Essay

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Peppermint Crush Advertisements encircle us in our everyday lives; there is almost nowhere you can venture without their existence. Glade conveys an effective and influential sales pitch for its Peppermint crush product through the use of visual strategies, appeals, and main message promoting the emotions of unity, warmth, and high spirits. Every advertisement has its main intention to sell, sell, and sell. Regardless of which way they hook the buyer, companies want to sell their product and make money. The audience plays a huge role in this part. The intended audience in this advertisement I feel is adults and/or holiday lovers. It appeals to adults because when you usually pick a scent it’s for the comfort and liking of your own home. It also appeals to holiday lovers because it promotes that holiday scent of peppermint. The description and imagery of the ad is the first thing that impacts and grabs the attention. It opens the audience up to a holiday setting. On the upper part of the page there is a partial view of a Christmas tree in the background with lights and decorations on it. Next to it, there is a fire place running portraying a comfortable and warming household. In the main part of the picture there is a table with a red lit candle placed in the center of it. Around the candle is two candy canes shaped into a heart. There is also text by the center of candy canes and candle that says, “One more reason to love the holidays.” There is various holiday colors displayed on the ad such as red, green, and white. Towards the bottom of the page in the left corner there is a sample you can rub to physically smell the scent. As well as behind that sample are the different forms the product sells in. It pictures there signature logo along with a text stating, “Release the magic of Peppermint Crush.” In the bottom right hand corner it conveys that the page is about to be turned and under it shows the logo of the SC Johnson Company: A Family Company which creates and promotes the Glade products. This Glade print advertisement definitely uses visual strategies throughout its description to promote an effective sales pitch and a sense of unity, warmth, and high spirits. First off, the holiday setting encourages a comfortable, welcoming, and hearty room. With the Christmas tree lit up and the fireplace setting one really gets the sense of connecting and kindling. It is a happy and enjoying setting, usually holidays bring the best out. In the middle of the ad, one can really get the sense of unity with the displayed candy canes that make a heart. It portrays a way of togetherness and care, not to mention it also has the candle lit in the middle of it. In a direct way it endorses the candles scent in a fun, creative, and loving way. In an indirect way it endorses what the candle can do and bring forth during the holiday season. Also, next to the picture there is text that says, “One more reason to love the holidays.” This explains to the audience that out of all the activities and experiences during the holidays, this candle scent is one more thing to enjoy. I also think that image of a table represents a place where individuals comes together for many various reasons. Glade also gives the audience the different forms in which the product scents sells in, giving the reader more convenience and a sense of choice and expression. They also show their logo and the company that promotes them giving the reader information. The visual strategies used in this grab attention and encourage readers to purchase the item from the different types of emotions expressed. The various forms of appeals made in the print ad influences the intended audience. The first appeal, logos, has to deal with the logical perspective the promoters use to hook the buyers. One of the senses of logic that they use is to portray the different forms the product comes in. From candles, to a spray, and a wall plug-in, Glade does a