Pepsi Challenge Essay

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Analyze Russia at the time of the case, 1992, 1-2 (Using the PEST and Geography framework)
Analyze Pepsi as a company using only the information in the case 3-4
Recommendations for Pepsi to become successful in Russia 4-5
Answer the specific questions asked by Bill Shaddy in the last paragraph of the case 5-6

Pepsi challenge – Russia 1992
Pepsi is a soft drink produced and manufactured by
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Analyze Pepsi as a company.
In term of marketing process, there are many interesting key points which contribute its performance. 1. Research: Pepsi tries to build the Russian organization. Bill Shaddy is the company representative to do the research and analyze situation including culture, politics, resource and technology, social environment, demography, business, and human behavior. Even though there is another competition as coke that dominates the soft drink market in Russia, Pepsi wants to expand its market, and it is talent for Pepsi.

2. Target customer: all genders and ages are the target customers. The middle class is the main target of company that we can see example in India.
There are several criteria to analyze its performance which are: * Defendable: it is competitive in its market because it preserves a great quality because Pepsi technicians trained the partners on quality control, and good service in store and out store. Moreover, it has loyal customers in America that can prove by marketing share. There is only one big company as Coca cola that produces the same product. * Accessible: Pepsi is dispensed out of sidewalk fountain machines, and distribution to many retailers. * Expandable: there is an opportunity for selling its products, since there is high demand. Pepsi has a lot of franchises, and also creates the new taste for their products; for example, a lemon-flavored soft