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The Pequot War

The Pequot War began in 1636 and the war ended in 1638. The Pequot war was fought between two very different cultures the Pequot Indians and the Puritan settlers of England who ae also known as the Massachusetts Bay Colonist and their allies. Some say the Pequot tribe lost the Pequot war before if ever started. There were several major dealings that took that who began the war that who in disaster. These event will cause the tension to rise and the battle would began. The Pequot war would cause many of the Pequot Indians to lose their lives. It would take a long time for the Pequot tribe to become one after the war.
How sad is that a war is lost before the Pequot Indians had a chance. There were two major events take took place which would help lead to the down fall of the Pequot tribe. The first event took place between 1633 and 1634 and that would have to be the small’s pox’s epidemic. The small’s pox’s epidemic took many of the Pequot people lives. The second event to take place was a power struggle between Sassacus leader of the Pequot and he was also pro Dutch and his son in law. Sassacus son in law name Uncas who was pro English and want to be the Great Sachem or leader of the Pequot people. This would cause the Pequot tribe to separate, leaving Uncas and his followers in exile. Uncas and his followers would be called the Mohegan. Maybe if the Pequot people would have never gotten sick are started fight amongst themselves they could have won the Pequot war.
Before the Pequot war began many events took place to cause the war. For example the “Increasing immigration to the Massachusetts Bay Colony by Puritan settlers from England and their expansion westward put great pressure on the Pequot tribe of Connecticut and their traditional lands around the Thames River”( Sankey, M. (2005). Pequot war. In Britain and the Americas: Culture, politics, and history. Retrieved from One of the events that took place was the Puritan settlers trying to keep up with the Dutch started making Pequot currency called wampum. This would cause the Pequot tribe to have inflation in their financial resources. Trades became a problem with the Pequot tribe and the English traders, the England community had no desire to trade with the Pequot people. This would cause the Pequot tribe to receive crooked trades second rate firearms and they were mistreated by the English, they also trade the Pequot people alcohol knowing they never had it before. After all of these bad dealings done between the two different cultures boils over in 1634 when the Niante allies of the Pequot killed a shady trader who was exile form Boston named John Stone. “Despite his unsavory reputation, Boston embraced the murdered Stone and demanded that Sassacus hand over the murderers for trial. He refused, to the rising tide of Puritan sermons—especially those of Richard Mather—that characterized the Native Americans of New England as agents of Satan and called for their removal or extermination”. There was a second murder of another trader named John Oldham. This would cause the governor…