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Maths In Hospital Assignment
Year 11 Maths Due Date: 6th May 2013

Occupation – physiotherapist
Introduction - Physiotherapy is a treatment health science and profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve people with movement impairments by using evidence based, natural methods such as exercise, motivation, adapted equipment, education and public support or advocacy.
They are trained professionals who assess and treat a variety of conditions that affect the physical function of adults and children.
Being a physiotherapist, you are required to administer muscle, nerve, joint and functional ability tests and assess physical problems of patients. You design treatment programs to address patients’ problems, and you treat patients to help reduce pain and improve their circulation, improve the cardiothoracic, cardiovascular and respiratory functions, strengthen their muscles, restore joint mobility, and improve balance and coordination.
Within assisting the patients, treatments that are included are exercise, heat, cold, massage, manipulation, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ultraviolet and infra-red light and ultrasound in the treatment of patients You constantly are reviewing, continually monitoring, assessing and evaluating programs and treatments, instructing patients and their families in procedures to be continued at home. recording treatments given and patients' responses and progress developing and implementing screening and preventative health You can also consult with other Health Professionals as required about patients' problems, needs and progress promotion programs Education and training – to become a physiotherapist, you would need to study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuroscience and physiology to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for health education and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with physical disorders and disabilities. The type of education needed to become a physiotherapist depends on what university you would be going too and what course you decide to choose, for example: * Education Provider: Charles Sturt University
Program of Study: Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Course Type: Bachelor Degree
Course Length: 4 years
Qualification: Bachelor of Physiotherapy * Education Provider: La Trobe University
Program of Study: Master of Physiotherapy Practice (Hons)
Course Type: Masters Degree
Course Length: 2 years
Qualification: Master of Physiotherapy Practice (Hons) | Average Salary | Avg. Min | Avg. Max | Rolling 90 days (10 Jan - 10 Apr) | $74,601.62 | $65,737.50 | $83,465.74 | Salary: The average salary for the occupation of being a physiotherapist is:

However, the salary can vary to a higher amount, or a lower amount.

Part C Rebecca’s weight follows closely along the 25th percentile. However, from when she was born, to up until she had experienced a few plateaus’, she was slightly overweight and following closely along the 95th…