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The structure is 7,200 square-foot and 3 stories high. Brick and concrete are the main materials used on the outside of the building. The color of the building is natural brown with some lighter areas; but according to Sporre (2011) the colorization is mainly provided through oxidation and weathering. The texture of the building is rough this is apparent through touching the brick and also from perception of the way the brick and concrete look. The foundation of the building is built using steel beams.
The building was designed with very large windows that surround the entire building on every floor. Each window is slightly tinted to deflect large amounts of sunshine during the warmer months but allows small amounts during the winter months provide warmth. In addition the larger windows also provide serenity to employees that work from their desk all day.
The space determined for this building was sophistically picked out because of the importance of the buildings function. This building was constructed on one of the city’s primary power grid arteries, this almost eliminated downtime during power outages to ensure the company was able to provide necessary access to their customers. The building is equipped with two main access panels for electricity and phone lines. This design allows easy maintenance to all critical infrastructures of the building.
The flow and traffic of the building This building has 2 main entrance points, a main door in the front and then a