Essay about Perception and Higher Paying Jobs

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the topic of “what 3 things motivated me to start collage”. In it we will explore the different reasons that come to mind about what may have motivated me and what may not have motivated me. I chose this topic because I believe it’s important to understand your own motives in order to be successful. The first reason that comes to mind is love. My love of words, and how everyone, fits them together differently. There is a beauty in understand why a person says things the way they say them, or reads them. It’s fascinating to me that five people can read the same paragraph, and understand it differently. And in turn, express it differently. I believe collage, will broaden my view points, and give me a better understanding as to why this happens. My second reason is also love. I don’t like seeing my children struggle. An average worker cannot make enough money to support a family. I want them to go to college and be able to obtain higher paying jobs. And the best way to reinforce that idea is to do so myself. I had a harder time understanding or getting to the core of my third reason. I can say it was to further my own earning potential, but it would be a lie. If I wanted to make money, Id write for television, news papers, or magazines. But what I really love to write is prose, or poetry. And neither one are a really big money maker. I do have this need to be seen, and understood, a need to just be able to say,