Perception on Luck Essay

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Response to luck video. Derek Draeger 6­14­13

Well first of all luck is something that i can relate with. While we can all account where luck has been a part of our lives, we often wonder why bad luck hits us more often then good luck. It seems to me that luck is not real it just depends on where you are, or if you are in the right place at the right time. I have had quite a number of instances where i thought luck played a part in what i have won or if it was just part of my destiny to be in the right spot at the right time. Luck is crazy because it seems to me that the bad people in life are always are the ones who get the goods, and the good people have to struggle check to check. while i have witnessed this first hand in my life, i am a good person and have never done anything bad to deserve some of the stuff i have been dealt in life. I can account of a friend during my childhood that i grew up with who was a bad person from the start. This kid used to steal stuff from stores, people, and his own family. He would shoot birds, kill innocent animals, get bad grades in school, and just treat everyone like they did not exist. There is a lot more that i could list for this person but my point is when he grew up he is still the same kind of person and i do not associate myself with him anymore. But come to find out i guess he hit the lottery for just under 3 million and now lives a good life. Does that sound like someone who deserves to have everything handed to him without working all his life just to make it, nope not to me and i despise him as a person for the things he did as a kid. Overall life is life