Perception: Rice Krispies and Candy Bar Essay

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If I was going to design a package for a new premium chocolate bar for an affluent market I, would first recommend an upscale looking package. The inside packaging would be gold foil, and it would cover the candy bar. The gold color gives a sense of richness and better quality. The outside of the packaging would be in brown, blue, and gold. These are colors that are appealing to the eye yet not overwhelming. The font on the packaging would be a font such as Lucinda Calligraphy because it is a more upscale looking font. An upscale candy bar would be marketed for adults. Therefore, the packaging would be neat and simple. It would not be cluttered with pictures or too many words. Marketing to a wealthy audience I would want to assure the fact that the chocolate used to make the candy bar was high-end and advertise that on the front of the package. For example, 100% Swedish dark chocolate. Since the consumer will be paying a higher price for this product it, is important to make sure they know they are getting high-quality ingredients.

In order to analyze the colors and design principles different diaper companies employ I visited,, and Pampers websites primary color was teal. The website is bland and did not capture my attention, nor do I feel the website is very appealing to the eye. On the other hand, Huggies caught my attention with bright red colors and a neat, clean home page. Luvs website incorporated green, blue, and white into their website. I found Luvs page a bit ‘generic’ and boring. The website was not very appealing to any of my senses. In keeping with the diaper theme, I researched different ads from all three companies. The ad that captured my attention over the others was a Huggies Pull Ups ad. As a mother the ad was very comical. The ad was not flashy nor was it very appealing to the eye, but it made me laugh. The way, the ad was designed, captures the reader’s attention with words in all caps and some supersized.

Rice Krispies cereal has changed dramatically over time. When the cereal was first introduced its box was very plain with just words, no pictures. When Kellogg’s put pictures on the boxes and incorporated the elves there was a noticeable difference. Over time, the boxes became more colorful and fun. The word size and font changed is one big change. The elves skin tone to their outfits, this was a more subtle change. The most recent Rice Krispie packaging has bubble letters, the word Kellogg’s is smaller and set back a bit, the elves are smaller, and the product nutritional value is on the front of the box. These changes are ones the