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Project Management Process-Initiation
Myra Perez
BUS 419 – Project Estimating and Budgeting
Strayer University
Dr. Shah Jamali
Summer quarter of 2014

Project Management Process – Initiation

Section 1: WBS with coding
Paint Baby Room Task Description
1.0 Paint Baby Room
1.1 Review Paint Colors with Owners 1.1.2 Sign off Color 1.1.3Purchase Paint colors 1.1.4 Paint 1ft sq. sample on wall
1.2 Room Preparation 1.2.1 Clear out furniture and wall hangings 1.2.2 Remove electrical outlet /switch cover plates 1.2.3 Remove existing ceiling fan light fixture 1.2.4 Remove recessed light rim covers touching ceiling 1.2.5 Sweep room clean of debris 1.3 Room Surface Preparation 1.3.1 Cover window with plastic Task Description 1.3.2 Apply painter tape to plastic to secure to wood trim 1.3.3 Cover hard wood floor with construction paper 1.3.4 Cover paper with a drop cloth
1.4 Wall Surface Preparation 1.4.1 Fill Nail holes with light spackle 1.4.2 Sand walls smooth 1.4.3 Remove dust from room with dust vacuum cleaner 1.4.4 Tack cloth walls to remove small dust particles 1.4.5 Apply painter tape around window and doors 1.4.6 Apply latex caulk around window and doors
1.5 Hallway Protection 1.5.1 Protect hardwood floor in hall outside bedroom
1.6 Prepare Material 1.6.1 Purchase approved paint 1.6.2 Put correct ladder height in room 1.6.3 Purchase new brushes and rollers for project
Task Description
1.7 Prime Room 1.7.1 Prime coat ceiling with one coat latex primer 1.7.2 Prime coat walls with one coat latex primer
1.8 Paint room 1.8.1 Cut in paint on ceiling borders 1.8.2 Paint ceiling with one coat flat white paint using roller 1.8.3 Cut in wall paint color on all wall surfaces 1.8.4 Paint wall with one coat eggshell blue paint 1.8.5 Owner approval before 2nd coat 1.8.6 Paint walls with 2nd coat of eggshell paint
1.9 Room Clean-up 1.9.1 Remove all paint from room 1.9.2 Remove tape from walls 1.9.3 Remove plastic from window and doors 1.9.4 Wrap paint brushes and roller with plastic and remove 1.9.5 Remove ladder
Task Description 1.9.6 Remove drop cloth/ construction paper from floor 1.9.7 Clean floor with damp mop using clear clean water 1.9.8 Inspect floor for paint 1.9.9 Final Inspection Sign off
Scope Statement
Project Objective
The objective is to paint Mr. and Mrs. Green baby’s room within 4 days at cost not to exceed $3,600.00.
A professionally painted bedroom measuring 14x14(196sqft) for a new baby.
A hand painted finish with a coat primer and two coats of paint.
A wall finish with low sheen
A ceiling with a flat finish, no sheen.