Perez Jamie Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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My Career Interests Profiler and Competencies
Jamie Perez
BCOM/275 Version 2
October 8, 2013
Devyani Masters
My Career Interests Profiler and Competencies
It is always a good idea to know both strengths and weaknesses in ones personalities; especially when one is considering ones career. The Competencies category in the Career Plan Building activity helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses.
According to the Competencies category my best strengths are as follows: persuading, adhering to values, and networking. What this means is that I am a good negotiator and can convince people to commit to my personal ideas and the ideas of others. I also make strong impression on other people and work to make sure that it is a good impression. I also have good values and ethics. I believe in honesty and that everyone deserves a fair chance. I also believe that everyone should do his or her fair share of work. I have good relationships with co-workers, managers, and customers. According to the Competencies category I am weaker, however still strong in the following categories: leading, adapting to change, and cooperating. I am a good leader and recruit people of the same caliber to work with me. I am also a good coach. I adapt to change and adjust my own personality to better suit other people and situations. I also listen to and respect other people’s points of view. I consult others and share information before making a decision.
Knowing what I am good at can help me