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Cameron Perez
English II
Personal Narrative
8 January 2015
Tone: Reflective
The Last Competition
It was December 12th and my teammates and I were having our last practice before Pom
State. In the previous practices, we pushed ourselves and worked extremely hard but our team had been dealing with the stress that our competition and upcoming finals bring. Because of these stressors, our practice was laid back and relaxing. We had been working on our routines for months and we finished practice feeling confident about performing them well, although we still had fear that the top teams in our state were better than us. Our coaches reminded us that winning isn’t everything. Our goal was to rebuild our reputation after not placing at all during
State the previous year.
Everyone was very eager to get the next day over with, especially the seniors. It was their last time to perform at State as a member of Norman High Pom and they wanted to end on a good note.
The next day we got up at the crack of dawn and went to Norman High to load up the bus and head toward Oklahoma City University for the competition. Once we arrived, we watched the Junior Varsity team perform their dance until it was time for us to warm up. We all got in the mindset of performing, put on our headphones and started going through our dances and getting pumped up.

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The first dance we performed was our Pom dance. Before going on, we held hands and said a prayer as a team. Our name was called and it was time to go out to the floor. We walked out to our positions and let the judges look at us in complete silence. The music started and we performed our routine the best we had ever done it. After the last 8­count and the music turned off, we smiled and exited the floor excitedly. We were greeted by tons of people who congratulated us and beamed about how well we did. When the excitement wore off, we started to prepare for the next dance.
We were ready to show the judges how hard we had worked. We had higher hopes of placing with our Hip Hop dance because it was our favorite and we put more effort into it. We changed costumes and went to the warm up room to get ready.
NHS Pom was next in line to perform and everyone was so nervous. Once again, we said a prayer and our name was called. We danced our hearts out once more and exited the floor with