Perez Two Decription Paper

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As you drive up, you are greeted by a valet that is giving you the royal treatment. You can hear the sounds of your favorite songs playing as you approach. As you enter your nose is filled with the aroma of cotton candy and spirits. The décor is splendid on the eyes as you are surrounded by plush carpets, supple furniture, and heavy drapes. The lights are dimmed; however, you do not find it hard to see your path to a candle lit table specifically for you. Your thirst can be quenched with the finest spirits; all are satisfying to your pallet. Your chair for today’s expedition is soft and comfortable. Some would argue that you are being embraced by its high arm rests and inviting recline.
As you walk by you can hear the sounds of the most disturbing music you can imagine. You can smell the food or whatever is cooking from a mile away. You probably would not be caught dead here. Just from the outside and the clientele that has entered since you arrived you know this is not a place for most. As you enter you are greeted by a very large man who if you saw in the middle of the night either in a well lit, let alone a dark alley you would run the other way. The smell of stale cigarettes and cheap alcohol permeate the entire building. You cannot see a thing and are afraid to touch anything for the fear of catching something.

What I have learned from this exercise is that in the small amount of time given to write something about a place it was slightly more…