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Perfect Mate.

I could easily come up with a very long list of qualities that I would like my “ideal” mate to have but I’ve already found exactly what I want. Regardless of how young and reckless I may seem I know deep in my heart that he’s perfect for me whether or not we end up spending the rest of our lives together.
I didn’t look for a guy with things that I like about him, he just came to me. I grew to like and eventually love him. He became a part of me. Every chance I get to be with him I can’t help but smile so much that my cheeks start to hurt. People more than likely think I’m crazy because we haven’t even been in a relationship and I feel like this but we’ve been through so much together I can’t help but feel the way I do towards him. He’s my weakness. No matter how many times I’ve kicked him out of my life over some stupid fight I just can’t imagine my world without him in it. I really can’t deny that our path has been complicated because it has been in every shape and form, but in the end love makes everything simple. I’d be more than happy to live in this world if he was the only thing I had. He’s the only thing I need to be complete. He may not see that sometimes but he’s everything I could ever ask for. I’m going on about how I feel about him that I’ve forgotten about the rubric.
Goals that I have for my perfect mate and I are that he would need to be open to the ideas of commitment, marriage, and starting a family someday because that’s important to…