Perfect Pizzeria Essay

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Paige Biegel
November 4th, 2012
BUS 208-00D-D1-201220

As we have been learning, there are many aspects to running not only a proper business, but also a business with a positive and organized atmosphere. The name of a particular pizzeria is completely misleading; it is far from being perfect in any sense of the word. The issues with this restaurant span from the top of management down the feelings and performance of most employee’s. Starting with the issues with manager, they do not seem to have any orderly way to select a manager so someone who is potentially not prepared to take on the role of manager is given the position. With this disorganized selection process, once chosen as manager there is no managerial training to follow the promotion. The promotion itself does not allow for a higher position; unless you invest in the corporation to become a part owner with a huge monetary commitment. There is a clear lack of respect among the employee’s, particularly with all the managers among each other. The issues with the part-time and full-time employees (non-managers) are issues that you will see in almost any failing business establishment. There is a clear lack of respect for managers, motivation is at a deep low with no incentive to increase the motivation and the age of the employees does not help with the maturity level in the atmosphere. Something that many restaurants experience with employees is that they seem to be go through many employees because people quit and as quickly as new ones are hired. This can be good for people who need a job but the Perfect pizza also has a high free food allowance to make up for the low wages; having pizza and pasta everyday gets old very quickly. Some of these problems are so frequently seen in other similar businesses that they could be very simple to change, but the lack of motivation can really pull everyone down. As previously stated, the frequency of the problems in other businesses can make it easy to change, other businesses share their turn around success. Based on readings in the text by McShane and Von Glinow, first and foremost, there needs to be a stricter regiment for hiring and selection of employee’s and managers followed by proper training upon hiring. The selection manager’s should be based on their experience, education, attitudes and any abilities needed for success rather than manager’s being picked for seniority at the company. Hiring for employees should include multiple interviews to assess the potential of the employee to be; also multiple superiors for assessment should do the interviews across individuals. Proper training can start with a simple orientation program that may last however long the job title needs it to be. Topics that may be covered in orientation can include explaining the daily task that keep a good routine to help the functioning of the business. Going over the…