Perfect School System

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Imagine building the perfect school system in which every student graduated with a high school diploma. But not just meeting the necessary expectations to pass, meeting them with souring scores. It sounds redundant but is not impossible. Now imagine achieving all of this with the help of something. A thing that is capable of it all. That is, technology. With the help of technology, school systems all around the country can achieve many things that in the long run, could benefit both the students and statistics. What exactly defines the “perfect” school system? It might be a combination of both students and teachers but ultimately, it comes down to the resources. A prospering school utilizes both the resources they have and the knowledge of the teachers to give the students a great learning environment. An idea is to incorporate healthy methods of using the internet. Students use the internet everyday for almost anything. Schools already do a good job at using it positively. One idea is to incorporate computers in every classroom. The usage of computers can improve word processing skills and prepare students at an early age to use computers more efficiently. The usage can make it easier for students to manipulate information and present it more easily with other classmates with the resources provided. However, there are other ways students can get motivated achieve greatness.

It is no lie that students love technology. Everything around them is based on it which makes it seem much more “cool” to them. However, when they arrive at school, they have to sit through lectures were nothing really appeals to them so they tend to zone out. This needs to be resolved. A solution can be incorporating more computer usage and more assignments on the computer into a classroom. This produces student motivation. It induces a type of feeling that makes a child want to do their work. A sense that makes learning a little bit less “boring” to them. The usage of technology can also improve self-esteem, as some students might be intimidated to work a computer at home. This can take away that fear and make a