Perfection: A Short Story

Words: 420
Pages: 2

“They’re incredibly intelligent, you know,” I said as I packed my medical tools away. “Watch this.” I bent down, getting my face inches from Ella’s stomach. I rested my hand on her bare skin. “Hello, little ones. Would you please tap your mommy two times.” We waited a moment and then two little bumps tapped the wall of her belly and then again seconds later. We both laughed. “When they are born, they’ll be able to talk and think on a complex level.” Ella slid her hand down her belly again.
“I can feel their intelligence. Sometimes their movements seem synced. As if they’re communicating with each other.”
“That’s because they are,” I said as I zipped up my bag. “You seem to be in fine physical health. Just one more month and you’ll be a mommy.”
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“I’m terrified of Freddie, and yet, I still love him. I yearn to see him, even just a small glimpse.” She wiped her eyes.
I reached into my bag, pulling out a propaganda pamphlet. It had Freddie on the front with big red letters above him that read: Perfection is the Path to our Destiny, and it was full of instructions on resisting your sexual needs until you are provided a match and completed your marriage to the state. I gave it to her. She ripped the cover off and let the rest of the pamphlet fall to the ground. “Thank you Evelyn,” she said as she kept her eyes on Freddie. “This will have to do for