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Unit 7 – Performance Appraisal

Before taking the effective leader class, I did not have a strong perception of the yearly performance appraisal. Why? Because this process is still left for last and almost done to get it out of the way in the company that I am currently working. Now, my perception has changed, and I agree that the performance appraisal process helps supervisors to recognize achievement, to evaluate job progress, and in some situations correct weaknesses and sharpen skills and strengths. The evaluation process is just another tool to improve the company’s employee development program and a smart manager knows how to use this tool effectively.

How frequently performance appraisals are given? Most of the companies opt for a yearly evaluation. In my opinion, employee’s evaluation should be given more often than that, at least twice a year. A year wait to know if one has exceeded in your responsibilities or if there are changes to be made is too long. On my experience, this year I did not receive my yearly performance appraisal and to be honest, the fact that my manager did not take time to do this crucial process, gives me the impression that she is not quite clear with her role as a manager. That situation has kind of affected my attitude and willingness to go above and beyond, as I do not know if “going the extra mile” is going to be perceived and recognize by my manager.

While looking material regarding this theme, I came across with an article that said that management sometimes needed some motivation in order to complete employees' appraisal in a timely matter. Regarding my evaluation experience, I found out that my manager did not get her evaluation either. After having conversations with other managers, I perceived that there was not motivation to get their evaluations done in a timely matter. Some of them do not get to have a sit down conversation with their managers or directors regarding their performance. For me, it is obvious that the leaders in the senior management