Performance Appraisal System Essay

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Performance Appraisal system Presented
Vivienne Ike

A1- Benefits.

3.Improved communication 4.Training and

A2- Preappraisal Activities
1. Encouragement and
2. Coaching and Mentoring
3. Discipline and Counseling
4. Documentation

A3- Feedback

A4- Managerial Steps
1. Preparation
2. Assessment
3. Documentation Review
4. Proper and suitable environment A5- Postappraisal Activities


1. Progress Monitoring
2. Mentoring and coaching
3. Setting a goal/resetting a

A6- Company Benefits
1. Growth
2. Stability
3. Motivate Employee
4. Assessment opportunity
5. Improve areas of weakness 6. Opportunity for dialogue

B2- Strategy
I Recommend Zigon Model
- Focuses on Result
- Show more specific actions and measurement - Addresses fact
- Creates a feedback loop

B3- Performance Differences
- Team performance appraisal assesses the contribution of individual member to their team. - Individual performance appraisal measures the work of employee against the guidelines of -Pipeline of Talent
-Viable alternative in a labor shortage
-Accurate Prediction

C2- Organization Use

-Identifying interested
-Communicate possible opportunities candidate -Assessing Competence Readiness
-Creating a developed plans
-Provide Development opportunity
-Formalizing Eligibility

C3- Company Use
1. Leadership Continuity
2. Identify and evaluate current and critical position
3. Fostering a strong and more humble team
4. Builds Company Reputation

D1- Conclusion :
-A performance appraisal helps in setting up goals
-Encourages and motivates the employee -Zigon model recommended for team performance -Succession planning a key to identify skills and competences of an employee D2- Next Steps
-Human Resources to schedule training for all leadership
-Implementation of Zigon Model
-Implementing succession planning process, key competencies and the critical positions will be identified

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