Performance Appraisal Vs Performance Management

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Stephanie Oanes
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16 November 2014
Performance Appraisals- Online Assignment

Performance Appraisals Versus Performance Management

After reviewing the article “Performance Appraisals Don’t Work” by Susan M. Healthfield, in my opinion, I believe that Susan made some valid points about how performance management system is a better approach than traditional performance appraisal. However, both systems establish clear expectations on what the employee is supposed to do, and sets the guidelines on what constitutes successful job performance. The difference between the two is the scope. Performance appraisal seems to be more of a thing of the past, while performance management would be a better suit for the ever changing organization. Performance management challenges employee creativity, improves the ability to affluence, and allows you to foster real change in the organization. On the other hand, performance appraisal comes off as being more of a burden, especially on the manager side. He or she has to sit in the “judgment seat” when it comes to giving specific examples when the employee asks. In turn, the manager lacks skill in providing feedback and makes the employee respond defensively because they feel like he/she is under attack. If the employee’s performance is rated less than the best, the manager is seen as punitive. If a manager rates his/her employees with a performance rating of less than outstanding, they are faced with the dilemma of limiting the employee’s salary increase. Performance appraisal sets job standards and evaluates past performance on set standards. With performance management, it aims at managing performance in the present to make sure performance reaches desired levels. Also, feedback is obtained from other employees, directed reporting staff and customers which help to enhance understanding of that employee’s contribution to the work place. It seems to be more of an