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Its facilities are spread over 6,00,000 square feet of built area set in sylvan surroundings. At present it is turning out over 850 different types of accessories. The division started with manufacturing various systems and accessories • Hydraulics • Engine fuel system • Air-conditioning and Pressurization • Gyro & Barometric Instruments • Electrical system item • Undercarriage • Electronics items
All under one roof to meet the requirements of the aircraft, helicopters and engines being produced by HAL at that time. This was followed & Sea- with manufacturing the same range of accessories for MIG series of aircraft, International Jaguar and repair/overhaul of Mirage-2000 Harrier accessories addition the Division manufactured systems for Civil Aircraft i.e., Avro, Dornier and AN-32 & Chetah, Chetak Helicopters.

The Division, right from the beginning, laid a lot of emphasis on developing indigenous capability for design and development of various systems and accessories. This capability and culminated in indigenous design and development of a variety of systems and accessories for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and Advanced Light Helicopter (all version i.e. Army, Air force, Navy & Civil) two prestige aircraft