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Stefanie Hunter
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What the rattlesnake represents in the flag is the American colonist. In the picture, it says “Don’t Tread on me”. This shows that the American colonist refuses to let Great Britain walk all over them and would be prepared to put up a fight. The flag suggest that the rattlesnake refuses to let anyone bother or trample them by being in a defensive stance. The defensive stance the rattlesnake is in is sticking it's tongue out being prepared for the unexpected. In conclusion, the rattlesnake represents the colonist trying to gain their independence from the British. What I think the flag is trying to say is a warning to Great Britain. Based on my observations on the flag, it's trying to suggest that if Great Britain try to do something to them, don't expect them not to put up a fight. This shows that the American Colonist refuses to be
Great Britain's doormat. The flag also demonstrates liberty by trying to gain their independence from Great Britain. In summation, the flag is trying to give a message to Great

According to Washington, the Constitution defend against tyranny by providing more checks and barriers. The text states “ [ This] Constitution….. is provided with more checks and barriers against the introduction of tyranny… than any government [ever] instituted among morals [has] possessed. This quote demonstrates that Washington believed that including checks and balances , and barriers in the Constitution would prevent tyranny since everyone would have the same amount of power in the government. In conclusion, the
Constitution defend against