Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essay

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Athletes that range from Olympic gold medalists to high school students, have used both types of performance-enhancing drugs as well as recreational drugs in a point of their athletic career. The widespread drug use of many athletes has made a social impact not only on the general problem of recreational drug abuse, but also on performance-enhancing drugs that are used in different sports. Many athletes take recreational drugs such as cocaine & marijuana. These recreational drugs can very well cause addiction and can increase the risk of health problems. All athletes are subjected to being drug tested and being banned or suspended from the sport they play. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) enforces the rules of drug usage in the Olympics and international sporting events. Recreational drugs are illegal and are not allowed in sporting events. (Drugs & Athletes) …show more content…
In 1999, an international conference that was held banned the usage of performance- enhancing drugs in any sporting event. Many of these performance-enhancing drugs that are taken by athletes cause many issues in their lives. Olympic athletes have gotten their medals taken away for being caught of drug usage. Steroids have been officially banned in Olympic competition since 1973 to prevent these kinds of issues from happening. These steroids are also forbidden in many national sporting associations such as the NFL and MLB. A type of performance-enhancing drug is the anabolic steroid that helps athletes with body-building. These steroids are one of the most common type of performance-enhancing drugs. The anabolics have sides effects that can be very effective with men and women. They can cause change in physical appearances, disease and could damage your organs. (Drugs &