Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned Essay

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Should athletes be banned for life for performance enhancing drugs? I think so because if they have the intent to abuse the drugs then they should. That would also be unfair to the other competitors, and would ruin the experience. They should be banned for using illegal drugs, doping in a certain amount of time, and drug rules should be the same for all ports, if they are not banned for life they should be banned for 1-5 years, and this began to catch people's attention in 1960.

Athletes should be banned from playing if caught using some drugs. They do allow certain drugs that are prescribed such as an inhaler which is a necessity. They have recently in 2004 taken off caffeine off the banned drug list because it is just something that's
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The WDA thinks drug penalties should be the same for all sports. But there are currently some sports with different rules because that's not okay for any sport. Plus drug tests are increasing and the numbers are going up. There needs to be actions because the punishments now are apparently not working.

This issue began to catch people's attention some time ago. In 1960 was the first time the officials caught someone using performance enhancing drugs. There was one pretty big problem back in those days because the system only detected some substances.

If they are not banned for life, athletes should be banned for 1-5 years. There was one team that was banned for 1 year for doping. Which I think should have been longer. Lots of the time athletes are banned for 2 years for using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Athletes should only be banned for doping in a certain amount of time unless the drug is strong enough to last until the event. If athletes use the drug for the event then they should be banned by the league or the event director. If the athlete uses it outside of the event and not using it for the event then that should go into the law or the team's hands. Most of the time for example the NFL will suspend or the team will suspend players for issues like