Performance Evaluations At Ease

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Performance Evaluations at Ease
Every year many supervisors pull out the personal files and try to jot down some memorable and steerable preference of what their reporting hires did the past year. Performance Evaluations can be the dreadful conversation that usually ends with the “got anything for me” line that portrays awkwardness and shutting of communication lines. In the article by Rebecca Knight, Delivering an Effective Performance Review, she quotes experts like author Dick Grote of How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals states that “What a performance appraisal requires is for one person to stand in judgment of another. Deep down, it’s uncomfortable.” Rebecca then stresses the importance of following some guidelines on giving effective performance evaluations and feedback. Is it possible to make performance reviews and sit downs less nerve racking?
Rebecca Knight explains that simple steps like setting expectations early, laying the groundwork, setting the tone, constructively coach, and holding your ground. She dives into each step and offers tips for effective performance reviews for example “Make it clear at the beginning of the year how you’ll evaluate your employees with individual performance planning sessions.” If that wasn’t enough of some encouragement to move forward with some positive feedback to your employees she also goes into giving some case studies and laying out some personal situations. Something that jumped out to me