Performance Management Literature Review

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1 Introduction
This paper will review performance management for the senior management service in the South African context it states what performance management is and why it is important to have effective and efficient performance management. This paper attempts to provide a better understanding of performance management as well as the importance of it. It further attempts to establish how performance management impacts the senior management service in terms of good practice in the selections and recruitment of SMS as well as assisting different departments in appointing candidates that are of high quality. The paper will begin with a brief definition of terms, in order to assist the reader comprehend the terminology that is used throughout
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A system is a set of things that work together as parts interconnecting a complex whole, with this explanation the performance management system is also the same, it consists of a verity of parts that need to work together to achieve a set goal. A performance management system needs policies, guidelines, procedures, managers and employees to work together as a collective in order to achieve the common goal which is an improved performance in the organization. Performance management system is the borders contained by which managers or supervisors and employees function in relation to each other and performance management is carried out; this is where certain boundaries are made and these boundaries are governed by the guidelines or policies that are set out in the …show more content…
The performance management system needs to ensure that it is reliable and relevant, this means that the manger cannot use the same plan that was used years ago without and modification, this is done to keep the content relevant for the main functions of the institution, more over in terms of relevance, every organization needs to have a unique policies because all organizations are not the same hence they cannot focus on the same structure of an organization, what may work for one department may not work for the