Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan Robin Hughes HRM/531 August 25, 2014 Alesha Alstoft

To: Bradley Stonefield, Landslide Limousine Service
From: Robin Hughes, Atwood & Allen Consulting

Previous conversations with you and Atwood & Allen Consulting, have allowed us to recommend different strategies for your company, based on pertinent formation provided. Landslide Limousine Service is a first-class transportation company, located in Austin Texas. The company will start with 25 employees. The anticipated annual net revenue is around $50, 000.00 with a revenue growth of 5% for the first few years. There is also anticipation of a company turnover rate of drivers of about 10%.
Alignment of the Performance Management Framework to the Organizational Business Strategy Atwood & Allen suggests a complete and detailed performance management plan for landslide Limousine Service. The performance management plan framework will align goals set by the company for employee development, strategic goals, incentives and performance objectives. This developed plan will align performance management framework to business strategy, organizational performance philosophy, job analysis identifying skills needed by employees, methods used to measure employee skills, skill gaps, and delivering effective performance feedback will be addressed.
Atwood & Allen will also suggest how you can get funding and tax breaks that extend credit with which to grow your business due to President Obama signing into law, HR 5297 Under the Small Business Jobs & credit Act of 2010, on September 27, 2010 (Cornerstone Government Affairs, Aug, 2014 ).
Organizational Performance Philosophy Organizational Performance Philosophy will measure goals set by the company. Landslide Limousine Service will provide stellar customer service with 100% customer satisfaction. Pricing of service will be comparable to other markets, but the efficiency of on time service, knowledge of job skill and direction , surveys to clients on how to improve customer relations for service, and employee feedback of how to make employees work smarter not harder are implemented. A driver’s skill is measured in regard to Department of transportation (DOT) regulations. According to DOT regulations an 8 passenger vehicle that includes the driver, has fewer DOT regulations. Regulations that require no accident reporting to the state, no driving hours are needed from a service log, and no commercial drivers license (CDL) is required. However, DOT regulation require a class C drivers license with a passenger (P) endorsement for 16 or more passenger vehicles including the driver, also with mandatory alcohol testing. Drivers are measured on the number of moving violations cited whether in a private owned vehicle or company vehicle, clients received and serviced per hour, per day, mileage driven, customer satisfaction and customer dissatisfaction.
The Job Analysis Process You Will Complete to Identify the Skills Needed By Employees The service provided by Landslide limousine Service, will surpass the expectations of clients serviced. Therefore a requirement of all drivers starts with a clean driving history, with no moving violations in the last 5 years of hire date. All vehicles are equipped with tracking devices and GPS systems. As clients call for service, the closest driver in reference to time and location in route to the client will be dispatched. Client information is logged within the company technology database. The driver’s information is stored in the company database. This database tracks miles driven to hours per day of each client serviced and each driver dispatched, and locations to and from. Customer comments in regard to feed back or complaints are handled within 24 hours of receiving with a resolution if a complaint. Accidents and minor traffic violations while on duty will subject the driver to suspension of driving for