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Performance Testing
Marketing plan

About Us..
Compest Solutions Inc is a specialist provider of customized, high-end Business-Technology solutions & services for the Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing and Capital markets. We have consistently provided high-quality software solutions in a cost-effective manner and on time. Compest Solutions provides the right tools, techniques, technologies and skill sets to execute most comprehensive and complex projects with considerable ease. A typical Compest Solutions customer has complex, customer-specific workflows, which handle critical data in an existing IT infrastructure. Compest Solutions’ task is to understand the customer's needs and processes, prescribe a correct set of tools, and implement the new technology smoothly.
To do that, we offer extensive services to help customers analyze their business processes and integrate our products and services in the most productive way.
Company Goals
Our Mission is to provide solutions that focus on new ways of doing business combining IT innovation and adoption of the latest technologies. We seek to become the IT solutions provider of choice for all of our Global Customers by offering a full range of products and superior IT services. Our Performance Engineering solutions include design, installation, Performance Tuning, Monitoring services, and support of Servers and related equipment. In addition, we offer a variety of ongoing contract services, including Analysis, Design, Coding, maintenance, network management, technical support and training.
We attribute our consistent operating performance primarily to:
Our focus on providing complete IT technology solutions for the Global Mid and Small Cap customers;
Our localized structure--delivering local service through local people under a local company name--coupled with stringent company-wide operating controls
Our utilization of a performance-based, benchmarking model and Innovative Approach;
Our disciplined pursuit and efficient integration of strategic IT innovations;
Testing is one of the least understood parts of a project. Successful project teams recognize that testing is a continuum and is a part of everyone's role. Performance Testing aims at gathering and analyzing information regarding any potential bottlenecks that might cause the application to be slow at responding or completely unresponsive. With a market where websites and apps are a dozen a dime, it is not going to cut it unless the software performs. A series of well planned, load based performance tests can give you valuable insights on to whether can application can live up to its expectations or not- performance wise. Performance testing usually follows or parallels functional testing.

This Marketing Plan includes detailed level of information about Performance Testing, Need for Performance Testing, Various Tools we use for Performance Testing, Load Runner - the best tool for Performance Testing

What is performance testing?
Software performance testing is a means of quality assurance (QA). It involves testing software applications to ensure they will perform well under their expected workload.
Features and Functionality supported by a software system is not the only concern. A software application's performance like its response time, do matter. The goal of performance testing is not to find bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks The focus of Performance testing is checking a software programs
Speed - Determines whether the application responds quickly
Scalability - Determines maximum user load the software application can handle.
Stability - Determines if the application is stable under varying loads

Why do performance testing?
Performance testing is done to provide stakeholders with information about their application regarding speed, stability and scalability. More importantly, performance testing uncovers what needs to be improved before the product goes to market.…