Essay on Periodic Table and Dr. Sacks

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The main idea of the article was a young boy who wrote a book about his uncle who was a scientist and had fluorescent minerals that he always wanted. His family was overflowed with physicists and mathematicians, teachers and chemists, including his uncle Tungsten and his uncle Dave who were manufacturers of light bulbs with tungsten filaments were unknown. Dr. Sacks rediscovered his passion for chemistry as he made clear in the recent conversation in Manhattan.(See article front page) I think the fact that Dr.Sacks got reconnected with chemistry was the important part of the article. Dr. Sacks spoke about elements of the periodic table that he described as people most of the time. Like with his chemical affection with bromine he says “I love bromine because its a dark, fuming, heavy liquid and im also quite fond of the smell of although one can only take in small amounts” and so on about other elements that he likes. This article relates to what we are learning in class now because it explains how a chemist (Dr. Sacks) felt about the elements in the periodic table. We are currently learning about the alkali metals, alkaline metals, transition metals, nonmetals, no gases and etc that are on the periodic table and he speaks on some of those. The author says that writing is an important bulwark against chaos and that hes been doing it since he was 14 just to keep everything he experienced with science during his years. He found himself divided between personal