Periodic Table and Valence Electron Configuration Essay

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Classwork – Modern Atomic Theory

1. As a review, describe the nuclear model of the atom.
2. What is electromagnetic radiation?
3. Describe the relationship between wavelength and frequency.
4. Which ahs a longer wavelength: blue light or red light. How do their frequencies compare?
5. What are photons?
6. Sketch pictures of light that show both waves and particles.
7. Why do we see colors when salt solutions in methanol are burned?
8. How does light wavelength compare to energy?
9. Sketch pictures to show energy changes as photons absorb and emit light.
10. What does the term quantized mean?
11. What is an orbital?
12. What is the relationship between the principal energy level and the number of sublevels?
13. Sketch “s” and “p” Orbitals.
14. Describe the Pauli Exclusion Principal.
15. Explain what an electron configuration is.
16. Write the electron configuration and orbital diagram for three elements other than hydrogen or helium.
17. Explain what is significant about elements that have the same valence electron configuration.
18. How does an electron configuration for an atom relate to the atom’s placement on the periodic table?
19. Use the periodic table from your text (inside the back cover) to predict the electron configurations for: fluorine, silicon, cesium, lead, and iodine.
20. What is the tendency for metals as compared to nonmetals?
21. What are metalloids?
22. Describe (and explain) the periodic trend in atomic size as we go down a