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Perls and Gestalt therapy
Studied psychoanalysis,
It was his years of work with his client that sparked the idea of the gestalt, which means “whole”
From this concept he developed his psychotherapy, which he termed gestalt therapy
Accepted notion of unresolved past conflicts, also stressed the present, freedom, responsibility and attempts to become whole.
Gestalt therapy paved the way for further exploration into human nature
Maslow’s Influence
Theories of personalities
Self actualization
& human nature
Core concept theory
“is that human nature is essentially good and contains the inherent potential for self—fulfillment
Explored How people cope with and adapt to situations
His investigation of people who function at Highly successful levels lead to theory of motivation and has become adopted throughout the health care profession
Human needs into hierarchy or ranking
Lower order needs include physical and social requirement physical needs
Individual will perish if needs not met, take first priority
Second priority
Love and belonging
They need to fell accepted
Need for esteem
& respect for others
Higher order needs
Aesthetic and Self-actualization needs
Aesthetic needs include
& simplicity
Self-actualization needs
Encourage individuals to develop to their highest potential
Believed that when needs are unmet, illnesses can develop
Airway takes priority over self-actualization
Roger’s client center therapy
Influenced by theories of Otto Rank
Broke traditional therapy that Client should direct therapeutic relationship using therapist as a guide to self -understanding
Stressed self-actualization
Assist client in becoming in becoming increasingly more aware of their experience and emotions
Tasks is to reflect client’s feeling & support work toward healthy function & self-actualization
Benefitted discipline of Nursing, pastoral counseling & Education
Greatest legacy was his focus on the positive achieving side of human nature which Gave people permission to accept themselves
Current humanistic therapies
The concept of basic needs is used to plan and prioritize health care, to allocate scarce resources, and to assist clients in achieving their best
Everette Shostrom
Developed a system of therapy based on the goal of self-actualization rather than cure
Actualization therapy assist clients in learning to trust their inner or “core” selves despite life’s negative influences
Viktor Franksl’s
Psychotherapy is based on person’s need to search for meaning & value in Life—Logo therapy based on the greek word “meaning”
Idea of human worth and dignity grew out of his 3 year experience in a concentration camp (after having lost his entire family) during World War 2.
People are dynamic, multidimensional being who strive for personal fulfillment\
System theories
Views humans as functioning within set of related units called systems
Royce & Powell developed
“Open & Closed System”
Open system
Having boundaries that are permeable, passable, and accessible
Organism grows and flourishes
Closed system
Rigid, impermeable, shut out info and energy
If it remains closed organism will eventually die
Kurt Lewin
Field theory proposed that behavior must be considered within total situation
Only focused on immediate situation
People were systems who interact with other systems across boundaries
Equilibrium; states that each system attempts to maintain a balance, or steady state, within itself and among other systems
Developed concept of life space—the psychologic field or space in which one moves
Concept of psychological tension which results from the interaction of opposing systems
Maxwell Maltz
Positive thinking works by programming one’s behavior to achieve a desired self-image
Behavior originates within organism
All creatures are open systems with input, output and regulating feedback mechanism.
People are open systems in