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Obsession is a strong, unrelenting drive. A preoccupation with anything in a person's life that takes his or her mind off of God, family friends, work is an obsession. The obsession goes beyond all reasonable levels of emotions or ideas. It becomes a compulsion of illogical behavior, action or service.
Sometimes we may go through life with a sort of obsession when we are young we always have a favorite toy or show that we are obseesed bout and we cry and cry until we have it wth us our parents know and understand that you favor that toy so they allow you to have it and from there on out it builds a subconscious state where you must need the things that you our in this case “ obsessed about” to properly function. That’s how it begins
Many of us our or could be obsessed about something right now and we either A know it or B in denial.
Anything that has control over us is an addiction or obssesion. For example: If you must have coffee to function, it is an addiction; but if you freely choose to drink coffee every day, it is a habit.
I have many friends who our addictive to stuff not drugs. And I tell them man you got to take it easy with that and they are like “oh its just a habit” and it isn’t they think they need the stuff tey are addicted to or obsessed with to fully operate and they don’t. sometimes we think we neeed stuff in life that we think s ether good for us or that we just simply want but has no value or if that negative value on our lives

God has given us a free will. We choose whether to subject ourselves to bad habits and addictions (Rom. 6:16-18). Its simply your choice.
We sometimes may ask but if what im doing is not a sin then how could it matter if im addicted or obsessed with a certain thing. I have even caught myself saying that at times until I remember what paul said.
In first Corinthians 6:12 "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything" (1 Cor. 6:12).
So even though it is lawful and completely harmless as soon as you our obsessed and addicted it is a sin. When somethings takes the place of God in your life it is a sin
There shalt be no other gods before me” remember that is one of the 10 comandments and when I was younger I was like oh cool I didn’t like buddah any way. So check that one of my list.
But that not neccisarily the direct meaning. It also means what you choice to be a god. When you make somethinga god you orship it not in the snse that you bowdown but that your bound to it. For example a new computer game tv w.e..
So If we abstain from everything remotely connected with sin, abhorring even the thought of it, we'll never become addicted to sinful behaviors.
For example: If you never take a drink of alcohol, you'll never become an