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4MAT Review of, “The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring”
By Les Parrot and Leslie Parrot
Barbara Perry
Liberty University

“The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring”
By Les Parrot and Leslie Parrot
In this book, Parrot & Parrot (2005) present a resource for setting up a marriage mentoring program. The book gives guidelines for mentors with successful marriages to incorporate in helping with building positive, effective marriages for others. It relates the awareness and vital skills needed to
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So many children have grown up with little to no experience with what it means to be married and to parent children of their own.
Looking at the list for predicting marriage crisis, I found that my marriage had past experience with 4 of the 13. My mother and one of her sisters were divorced, my husband had a poor relationship with his parents and considered his childhood as unhappy, and we became pregnant on our honeymoon. This last one threw me a bit. The writers must either believe in birth control or do not trust God’s decision to allow a child to be created. At any rate, I was encouraged by only having 4. I have overcome much and have quite a bit more to discover and rectify. Hopefully, my daughter has learned the things I did not have the opportunity to learn as a child.
In further examining the list on how to predict a marriage crisis, I find myself thinking of the results of other known predictions. Those results in many instances have proven to be untrue and in some cases rather presumptive. A person has the ability to overcome life’s struggles, to rise above, in most cases. Whether or not they do is another thing. Life is about the choices made and living with the consequences. Learning from mistakes is a most valuable attribute. To say that any