Perry Patetic's Fast-Moving Society

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Society wouldnt be where it is now if our world didnt have the fast paced mobility that our race depends on. Perry Patetic in his passage, Fast-Moving Society argues that the advantages to living in such a highly mobile society are thus outweighed by the disadvantages. The author supports his opinion by first explaining how cars and trains makes it too easy to move away from our past. He continues by saying we tend to lack the close supportive bonds we make in our homelands. The authors purpose is to point out the disadvantages of our mobile society so people can begin to slow down and make stronger connections. The author uses a wise tone for adult audiences. People go wherever money goes, and people leave if they are in a harsh situation that cannot be fixed. …show more content…
Perry Patetic says “we travel long distances in order for grandchildren and grandparents to spend time together, and often lose track of old friends we never see again.” People travel long distances in order to keep connections between family and friends. Being away from these people for too long ruin connections. Even though an individual is away from family, they are still doing what they need to do in life to get them where they need to be. Why are entrepreneurs so successful? Well it is because they get out of their comfort zone and do what they need to do in order to become successful. If a person had the choice between a job paying 500 grand in a year in Miami And a job making 200 grand in his hometown. This person would get the hang of Skype. Money runs our world, and staying in one place will not obtain it. On another hand traveling is good for getting