Perseverance Research Paper

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Mrs. H. Soto
ENGL 1321
April 30, 2014

Perseverance When I hear the word perseverance the first thing that comes to my mind is the quote “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” from Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd U.S. President. This quote means many things to me, especially now that I finally made the decision to go to college and start to pursue a career in my field of choice. Once my high school career had ended I had no idea what it was I wanted to do with my life. The only thing, at the time, I was completely sure of was the fact that I did not want to go to college. I had finally broken free of all the tests, boring classes, demanding teachers, and waking up early. There was no way that I wanted to go through all of that again. So I moved to Dallas and lived my life one day at a time, pay check to pay check. At the time I thought this was normal and wasn’t surprised when I had almost been kicked out for paying my rent late more than once. I had been working at a night club as a waitress making enough money to barely be able to afford food and electricity. During the two years I lived in Dallas were some of the toughest times I have been through so far. During my last month living in Dallas I had been hit by an 18-wheeler and slammed into a brick wall going 70 mph. The ambulance driver said I was lucky to be alive and if I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt, well, I wouldn’t be here to tell you this story. Waking up in the hospital with machines hooked up to me was a real eye opener. All I had to my name was the 200 dollars in my pocket, my boyfriend (now my husband), and a truck my parents bought me for graduation that was now a mangled mess of glass and metal. I had to change or I would be living this type of life forever, which is not what I had in mind. I had to figure out what was important to me and what my goals were so I could just go for it. I moved back to my hometown of Belton and started getting my life back together. I started saving my money so I could buy a vehicle, and began to