Perseverance In The Odyssey

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In The Odyssey by Homer, the theme of Perseverance is important because Homer wants his listeners to understand that perseverance plays a large role in our life since if we want to survive or become successful we must push ourselves to the max and try to defeat our obstacles. Modern readers connect to this theme because, as people’s lives are increasingly complex in the modern world, perseverance can be a foundation for success since you are pushing yourself and defeating your obstacles.

“No I’ll not swim; with my own eyes, I saw how far the land lies that she called the shelter. Better to do the wise thing, as I see it. While this poor planking holds, I stay aboard; I may ride out the pounding of the storm, or if she cracks up, take to the
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More fearsome, is it now, than when the Kyklops penned us in his cage? What power he had! Did I not keep my nerve, and use my wits to find a way out for us?”(216). This shows Odysseus giving inspiration to his men, telling them that they can persevere through this since they have gone through worse and have lost much more. Odysseus and his men were fighting Skylla and were losing hope, so Odysseus gave them what they needed in order to fight back. In this paragraph this shows that Odysseus is always ready to persevere what he has on his mind he will go for it in full throttle.

The theme is relevant today because there are people who would do anything, no matter the consequences, to reach their goal. One example of perseverance today would be North Korea trying to make nuclear weapons, even though other countries are against this and trying to stop them. similarly, in The Odyssey, Odysseus’s son Telemachus is going to look for him but the suitors tried to stop and but when he left in secret they were planning to ambush him on the way back.
Another example of perseverance is Justo Gallego, who spent 53 years building a Cathedral by himself and still is building and when he started he was told that he was crazy and it would never work but his faith in God helped him accomplish this even though people were saying he was crazy, similarly to The Odyssey since it took Odysseus years and years to come back home even though he sometimes believed that he wouldn’t make